Organic Energy Bites to support lactation

Löwenzahn Organics Energy Bites have been specifically created to support the nutrition needs of breastfeeding moms.

The impact of breastfeeding on your body can be compared to a performance sport. A nutrient-rich diet is crucial at this time, both for mom and baby. Our all-natural lactation bars for instance provide iodine from sugar kelp and ALA (omega-3) from flaxseed. The ingredients fenugreek and brewer’s yeast stimulate the body’s own milk production.

All-natural, organic and vegan, Löwenzahn Organics Energy Bites are a perfect healthy snack that you can easily eat with one hand!


Energy boost for moms


Energy boost for moms

Nutrient-rich snack

Lactation stimulating ingredients

All-natural and vegan


dried dates* (60.7%), dried figs* (20.2%), flaxseed* (7.1%), roasted fenugreek seeds*, brewer’s yeast powder*, cacao nibs* (2.5%), freeze-dried raspberries* (1.0%), sugar kelp* (seaweed)

*from controlled organic cultivation


dried dates* (58.0%), dried figs* (19.3%), flaxseed* (6.8%), brewer’s yeast powder*, roasted fenugreek seeds*, spirulina powder* (3.9%), cacao nibs* (2.4%), oat flakes*, orange oil* (0.6%), sugar kelp* (seaweed)

*from controlled organic cultivation

* from organic agriculture
** sustainably produced
† sunflower oil contains linoleic acid, rapeseed oil contains both linoleic and α-linolenic acid


The bar is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
We recommend consumption of one bar per day.
The bar is not suitable for consumption during pregnancy.



The power of natural ingredients for breastfeeding support


Fenugreek and brewer’s yeast

Known for their medicinal properties, both ingredients are rich in minerals and vitamins and promote milk production.


ALA (Omega-3)

ALA is a plant-based essential fatty acid that the human body needs but cannot produce on its own. There is an abundance of ALA in flaxseed.



Breastfeeding women in particular have an increased need for iodine, which is often not covered by the normal diet. It is responsible for controlling energy metabolism. Seaweed is a good plant-based source of iodine.


Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is part of an optimal diet during breastfeeding. Among other functions, it is responsible for regulating the digestive tract. Dates have plenty of fiber and form the basis of our Energy Bites.

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Cool moms don’t judge

Cool moms don’t judge

No more mom-shaming! #coolmomsdontjudge is our initiative for more tolerance and support among parents.



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Please note

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