Starterpaket für Stillende: Stillkugeln und Wochenbettsuppe

Starter Pack for Breastfeeding

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Starter Pack for Breastfeeding

Included are:
  • 3 packs (10 each) of Energy Balls for Breastfeeding Date Apricot.
  • 2 jars of Organic Bone Broth for Postpartum

Benefits of breastfeeding balls and postpartum broth:

  • Nutrient-rich food for the postpartum and breastfeeding period.
  • Lactation stimulating ingredients.
  • Without added sugar.
An energy source for the postpartum and breastfeeding period

Breastfeeding consumes energy. And because you have your hands full, we have developed the Energy Balls for you. Our organic breastfeeding balls provide iodine and ALA (omega-3), which are found in algae and flaxseed. Fenugreek and brewer's yeast are among the foods that stimulate milk production.
Beef bone broth is a real source of strength for postpartum regeneration. There are 9 g of collagen per glass. Collagen can help support regeneration after birth.
The perfect addition to a hospital bag.

Organic Energy Balls for Breastfeeding Date Apricot

Best companions while breastfeeding

  • Satisfying with a fruity taste
  • Fenugreek and yeast flakes promote milk production
  • High fiber content for soft bowel movements
  • Iodine for a normal energy metabolism
  • ALA (an omega-3 fatty acid) for normal cholesterol levels
  • Other ingredients: potassium, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, B vitamins
  • No added sugar
  • Without allergens


Löwenzahn Organics certified organic by inspection body DE-ÖKO-006

Organic Bone Broth Postpartum

For more strength in the postpartum period

  • Nutrients from beef bones (9 g collagen per jar, amino acids and minerals)
  • Fennel, aniseed and caraway promote breast milk production
  • High bioavailability
  • 100 % organic, made in Germany
  • Gently cooked for 18 hourst
  • Without allergens (gluten-free and lactose-free)


Löwenzahn Organics certified by control body DE-ÖKO-006


Ready to eat.


Organic Energy Ball for Breastfeeding Date Apricot
Dates* (73 %), apricots* (10 %), linseed* (7 %), tiger nuts*, yeast flakes*, fenugreek seed*, seaweed* (S. latissima).*from controlled organic cultivation.

Organic Bone Broth for the postpartum period

Water, beef bones* (30.4%), carrots*, onions*, garlic*, parsley root*, fennel*, parsley*, bay leaf*, pepper*, salt, star anise*, caraway seeds*, dill*, coriander seeds*, fennel seeds*, juniper berries*. *from controlled organic cultivation

Important Infomation

The Organic Energy Balls are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The Organic Energy Balls are not suitable for consumption during pregnancy.

< br>We recommend: Consuming 5 energy balls per day can increase milk production.

Ohne Zuckerzusatz*
*enthält von Natur aus Zucker

Das sagen unsere Kund:innen

Fenugreek and yeast flakes

Fenugreek and yeast flakes are more than just medicinal herbs and leftovers from beer production. Both help to support a healthy diet and promote milk production in breastfeeding mothers.


Collagen is a major protein that serves as an important building block for the human body. Because it is a natural component of the body, collagen is found primarily in bones, skin, connective tissue and cartilage. Because of its multiple functions in connective tissue, consuming collagen can help speed up wound healing after childbirth. Our postpartum bone broth contains 9 g of collagen per glass.

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