Baby's first foods

Löwenzahn Organics complementary foods are ideal for your baby's healthy development: Organic Baby Porridge is rich in fibre and Organic Bone Broth for Babies provides an extra portion of amino acids and other important nutrients.




Nutritious first foods until joining the family table

Without added sugar
Without added salt
Farming without pesticides

Why our complementary food?

Towards the plate

With Löwenzahn Organic first foods, your baby's palette is trained towards real food on the plate.

Complementary food is fed in addition to breast milk or formula. It is gradually introduced into the baby's daily diet to encourage taste and consistency perception and to support growth and development. Real taste without unnecessary additives such as salt and sugar makes eating complementary food much more fun for babies. Organic baby food from Löwenzahn Organics is ideal for a smooth transition to family food.

Shaping the taste

Löwenzahn Organics complementary food supports an age-appropriate imprinting of taste.

In the first 1,000 days, a baby's taste can be shaped in a lasting way. It is important to offer a variety of different tastes and textures. Babies should not be given sweet foods like fruit puree too early because this can develop a preference for sweet foods. Salt is also not suitable for babies under 12 months because their kidneys are not yet fully developed. Our Organic Porridges and our Organic Bone Broth for Babies are without added sugar and without salt.

Tip: Involving babies in cooking and food choices awakens their curiosity for healthy foods.

Building blocks for baby's body

Löwenzahn Organics Bio Bone Broth provides building blocks for baby's body.Amino acids are "building blocks" for the construction of proteins and are therefore indispensable for the body.

Our Organic Bone Broth for Babies contains valuable amino acids that can support baby's development and health in terms of digestion, gut health, immune system, connective tissue and joints, among other things.

More than a digestive aid

Dietary fibres in Löwenzahn Organics complementary foods are more than just a digestive aid.

Dietary fibres are largely indigestible components of food. In combination with water, they have the ability to swell up in the intestine and thus represent a natural digestive aid. They also ensure healthy intestinal flora, long-lasting satiety and a lower increase in blood sugar levels. Our Organic Baby Porridge made from whole grains contains important dietary fibres.

Demeter certified Organic Porridge

with real cereal taste

CHF 5.35 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties 

Free delivery from 50 CHF (CH)

CHF 5.35 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties 

Free delivery from 50 CHF (CH)

Our organic baby food is available at

Organic bone broth

provides building blocks for baby's body

CHF 5.35 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties 

Free delivery from 50 CHF (CH)

CHF 5.35 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties 

Free delivery from 50 CHF (CH)

Babies and toddlers do not need sugar

Nutrition in the first two years of life is crucial for later health.

Nutrition in the first two years of life is crucial for later health.

Prof. Dr. med. Dres. h.c. Berthold Koletzko

When to introduce complementary feeding?

From the 5th month: Organic Porridge Pure Oats

From the 7th month: Organic Porridge 4-Grain

From 8 months: Organic Bone Broth for Babies


Cooking baby porridge from whole grains

Cooking instead of swelling:
Boiling the baby porridge for a short time enhances the real cereal taste and promotes baby's enjoyment of food.

Nutrient-rich whole grain:
We use the whole grain. This is because most of the minerals and vitamins are found in the outer layers of the grain. In addition, the cereals for organic porridge are gently roasted, not pre-cooked and not subjected to dehydration.

Baby porridge made from whole grains in two minutes


For more variety in your baby's porridge, let us inspire you


Why collagen is important for babies?

Collagen is an important component of the human body and accounts for 30% of total protein. It is available in animal bones, such as chicken or beef. Collagen is dissolved by prolonged cooking and consists of various amino acids, including glycine. Bone broth supports gut health and has a soothing effect on the digestive tract. Glycine has an anti-inflammatory property. Collagen and glycine have a protective effect on the immune system and can potentially prevent allergies.

What parents say

We love the different porridge varieties and especially Pure Oat. Our little one gets at least one bowl of porridge from Löwenzahn Organics every day. We've never liked the taste or consistency of other brands of instant porridge, but that's definitely a matter of taste. We recently started ordering the beef Bone Broth and so far we are also very satisfied. Just cook the noodles inside and the meal is ready in a flash. We like to use vegetable noodles for this.

- Alicia W., Vienna

Easy to prepare and great quality, my children love it.

- Mara O., Wessentin

The porridge is great to prepare and our baby tolerates it without any problems!

- Sarah O., Vienna

My daughter loves the porridge for breakfast.

- Marina H., Voerde

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