Bio Baby Milchnahrung: Pre Milch, Folgemilch und Kindermilch

Organic Infant Formula

Löwenzahn Organics’ range of organic baby formulas is designed specifically for the needs of your baby, developed in accordance with the latest nutritional science and produced under strict European environmental guidelines.

The first 1000 days of a baby’s life are formative for their development and nutrition plays a key role in this process.

Our milk is sourced only from organic and GMO-free European dairy herds.





From the farm to the bottle.

Highest animal welfare
Without genetic engineering
No pesticides

Why our infant formula?

European Organic and no pesticides

Löwenzahn Organics infant formulas are certified european organic.


The ratio of food intake (and thus also the intake of toxic substances) to body weight is higher in babies than in any other phase of life. That is why organic is so important for baby's infant formula.

Oriented to breast milk

Löwenzahn Organics infant formulas are modeled on breast milk.

We know: Breast milk is the best food for babies. It contains the ideal composition of nutrients. That's why you'll find a similar ratio of proteins and fatty acids in our pre-milks (first infant formula) as in breast milk:

Whey and casein proteins in a 60:40 ratio and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA and the omega-6 fatty acid ARA in a 1:1 ratio.

All important nutrients

Löwenzahn Organic infant formula contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and iron.

The omega-3 fatty acids DHA and ALA are important. DHA contributes to the visual development of babies and ALA is important for the development of brain and nerve cells. Vitamin D is essential for the immune system and iron supports cognitive development.

Plant-based DHA

Löwenzahn Organics use only plant-based DHA.

Fish oil is a popular source of omega-3 fatty acids like DHA in the food industry. Because we get DHA from farmed seaweed, we avoid the fish oil allergen found in most infant formula manufacturers and also do something good for the world by not contributing to overfishing. It also means there is no fishy smell in baby's formula.


Bestseller with all the important nutrients

CHF 18.15 inkl. 2,5% MwSt. und Zollgebühren 

Free delivery from 50 CHF (CH)

CHF 18.15 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties

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CHF 18.15 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties

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Our organic infant formula is available from

Whole Milk

With even more nutrients – without palm oil

CHF 20.15 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties

Free delivery from 25 CHF (CH)

CHF 20.15 inkl. 2,5% MwSt. und Zollgebühren 

Free delivery from 50 CHF (CH)

CHF 20.15 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties

Free delivery from 50 CHF (CH)

For Sensitive Tummies

Made from goat's milk. So that baby's tummy no longer makes a fuss

CHF 23.00 incl. 2,5 % VAT and customs duties 

Versandkostenfrei ab 50 CHF

CHF 23.00 CHF 19.55 inkl. 2,5% MwSt. und Zollgebühren 

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Infant Formulas in comparison

Because every baby's tummy is different

What other parents say

Just great, on the same day my daughter was able to poo by herself again and now even regularly and every day!

- Julia B., Rostock

We are very satisfied. One of the few milk powders without fish oil. Smells much more pleasant.

- Julia H., Monschau

The Baby Pre is great, my son (5 months) finally has no more tummy aches and no more constipation.

- Ewa H., Kiel

Great first infant formula where you know what's in it. My daughter was allergic to all the foods in the drugstore. Now we finally have peace of mind.

- Tugba E., Wiesbaden

Quality of the product is very good. My grandson no longer has problems with bowel movements and flatulence.

- Adelheid D., Wolfenbüttel

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Löwenzahn Organics infant formula?

You can find all our organic products in our online shop. Within Germany, a large selection of our products can also be found at dm, Rossmann, Müller und Budni. Click here to go to the store finder.

We ship worldwide from our warehouse in Bavaria (Germany), compliant with organic regulations. You can find the summary of shipping rates and delivery times listed here.

For deliveries to China you can also order from our official international online retailer

How do I switch from one infant formula to another?

To change infant formula, you can directly use a new infant formula for your baby. This applies to changing from one first infant formula to another as well as to changing from first to follow-on formula - regardless of whether the formula is cow's or goat's milk-based. More on the topic of changing infant formula.

Is goat's milk-based baby milk suitable for people allergic to cow's milk?

Unfortunately, no. Goat's milk-based infant formula is not a HA food. We recommend our goat's milk-based formula for sensitive tummies because it is easy to digest and well tolerated. More about goat's milk for babies.

What is the difference between Pre (first infant), follow-on infant formulas 6+ and 10+?

The main difference between first infant formula and follow-on infant formula is the composition of carbohydrates and therefore how filling the milk is. Pre- infant formuala is suitable for your baby from birth and contains lactose as the only source of carbohydrates. Follow-on milk 6+ is suitable for babies after 6 months and contains complex, long-chain carbohydrates as well as lactose. Follow-on milk 10+ is especially suitable for babies after the 10th month. Here, complex, long-chain carbohydrates are the only source of carbohydrates and make you feel fuller for longer. More about Pre Anfang- or Folgemlich.

Over 30 years experience & independently tested


Over 30 years experience & independently tested


We work with a production company from Austria with over 30 years of experience in infant nutrition and a leading food laboratory in Hamburg.

Because quality and safety are inseparable, we have every production of our baby milk checked by a laboratory independent of the production plant.

Important note: All products sold through have German language packaging. You can download an English version of the preparation instructions, ingredients and product information here.

Calculate how much your baby drinks

What is Löwenzahn Organics infant formula made from?

Transparency is part of our company's philosophy. That's why we're happy to explain the basic ingredients of our Löwenzahn Organics milk formulas for babies. In our range, we have infant formulas based on cow's milk and goat's milk. We also differentiate our infant formula in the fat content of the milk powder. We have one variety with skimmed milk powder and two varieties with whole milk powder.


All our Löwenzahn Organics infant formulas have all the essential nutrients needed for optimal development of your baby in the first 1,000 days:



Milk proteins for growth

Skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder contain important milk proteins that are important for your baby's growth and digestion. The protein content of our infant formula is up to 1.5 grams per 100 millilitres for all our Pre (first infant) and Follow-on formulas. Just as important as the content is the composition of the proteins. In our Löwenzahn Organics Pre and Follow-on baby formula, the ratio of casein and whey protein is adapted to the age-related needs of babies. In our first infant formula the ratio of whey protein to casein is 60:40, in follow-on formula it is closer to 50:50 and in our Toddler formula it is 30:70. The outlier is our Pre and Follow-on infant formula based on goat's milk. It contains the natural whey protein:casein ratio of 20:80 found in goat's milk.


Lactose for quickly available energy

Lactose (milk sugar) is naturally present in breast milk. That's why lactose is the main source of carbohydrates in our Löwenzahn Organics infant nutrition. Its simple structure allows babies to quickly convert lactose into energy.


Galactooligosaccharides (GOS for short) for soft and frequent stools

GOS are also present in all our baby formulas. In our opinion, they are indispensable in infant formula. GOS have a prebiotic effect and serve as food for the good bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. The metabolites of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli reduce the pH of babies' stools, which helps inhibit germs. In addition, by shifting the pH value into the acidic range, minerals and trace elements can even indirectly support bone growth.


Vitamins and minerals for important metabolic functions

Vitamins and minerals are also contained in our Löwenzahn Organics infant formulas. Among other things, they promote organ functions and the growth of teeth and bones in babies.
The human body cannot produce minerals at all and some vitamins cannot be produced in sufficient quantities by the body itself. That is why it is so important to add vitamins and minerals to infant formula.


Omega 3 fatty acid (DHA) and omega 6 fatty acid (ARA) promote brain development and vision

DHA and ARA are contained in our organic infant formulas in a ratio of 1:1. The ratio is so important so that DHA and ARA can also achieve their optimal effect. They play a central role in building the brain and are also important for motor skills and the retina.

DHA from algae oil instead of fish oil

Good to know: We use algae oil as a source of DHA in our Löwenzahn Organics infant formulas. The use of fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA is widespread in the food industry. By extracting DHA from farmed seaweed, we avoid the allergen otherwise found in many baby formulas, while helping to preserve marine ecosystems by not contributing to overfishing. In addition, it also avoids the fishy smell and taste that would otherwise be present in baby milks. One reason why our Löwenzahn Organics baby formulas tastes so good.



All our Löwenzahn Organics infant formulas have all the essential nutrients your baby needs for optimal development in the first 1,000 days. Our cow's milk-based baby formula made from skimmed milk and whole milk, and our goat's milk-based baby formulas are made from whole milk, each have several advantages.


Whole milk powder contains all the important fats for energy

Fat is and remains an important source of energy. Whole milk powder has an advantage over skimmed milk powder in infant formula in terms of fat content. This is because while skimmed milk reduces milk's own fats, whole milk powder still contains all the fats. Thus, infant formula based on whole milk powder is less highly processed. However, whole milk powder is more expensive than skimmed milk powder.


Adding vegetable oils to baby formula from skimmed milk for more energy

Fat is an important source of energy. Since the fat is largely removed in skimmed milk powder, we have added valuable vegetable oils in our cow's milk-based infant formula. As sources for vegetable oils, we chose selected sunflowers, rapeseed and oil palms. We only use organic palm oil from certified sustainable sources.


Without palm oil - infant formula from whole milk

Because of the fat content of whole milk powder, fewer additional vegetable oils are needed in cow's milk-based infant formula and goat's milk-based whole milk. Only oils from sunflower and rapeseed are added. There is no need to add highly processed vegetable oils such as palm oil.


Easy to digest - goat's milk-based baby formula made from whole milk

Proteins and fat in infant formula based on whole goat's milk powder have a different structure compared to those in cow's milk. For example, goat's milk contains smaller "fat globules" that can be digested more easily by babies with sensitive stomachs.


Even more nutrients - cow's milk-based infant formula made from whole milk

Our organic infant formula recipes are based on current scientific findings. Our baby milk formulas are based on whole cow's milk also contains the prebiotic dietary fibre Bio-FOS, the amino acid taurine and nucleotides (building blocks of DNA).

There are no taboo topics with us. Only plain language.

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