Milk formula

What's in baby milk?

The recipe for our organic baby formuls based on cow's milk or goat's milk is based on the best possible nutrient-rich diet in the first 1000 days. Because it is precisely this time that is formative for your baby's development. Our baby milk based on cow's milk contains, among other things, skimmed milk, milk proteins, lactose, maltodextrin and starch (only for follow-on milk), vegetable oils, vitamins, GOS, DHA and ARA. You can find a detailed explanation in our magazine, in which we break down what makes our cow's milk-based formula so special and different from breast milk. We also offer organic baby formula based on goat milk with the familiar Löwenzahn Organics quality. Our milk formula based on goat's milk is particularly easy to digest and contains no palm oil.

How is bottle feeding prepared?

You will also find the following instructions on our infant formula packaging , which will guide you through the preparation step by step:

Boil fresh drinking water and let it cool to approx. 40-50 °C. Pour ½ of the required amount of water into the bottle. Pour the amount of powder into the bottle according to the table. To do this, fill the measuring spoon and wipe it off. Close the bottle and shake vigorously. Add the remaining amount of drinking water and shake well. Check for drinking temperature (approx. 37 °C).

How long does baby formula powder last after opening the package?

Once opened, you should use the formula within two weeks. To ensure shelf life, store the packaging in a dry place. Always keep the measuring spoon clean and dry. Clean your bottle, teat and ring thoroughly after each use.

Why is there always a new spoon in every pack?

The measuring spoon included in our milk cartons is matched to the printed spoon weight. 90% of spoons are used with the imprint L10, less often L11 or L9.

Why is DHA in milk formula?

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is important for babies and is relevant for brain development and vision. When developing our milk formula, it was very important to us to integrate this fatty acid in sufficient quantities into our recipe.

Where does the DHA in milk formula come from?

DHA occurs naturally in fatty fish and microalgae. Since we don't want to use fish oil in our baby milk, we chose oil from the microalgae Crypthecodinium cohnnii as a source of DHA.

Does infant formula contain lactose?

Lactose is a special sugar that is also found in breast milk. The lactose serves as a source of energy for your baby and is particularly important in the first months of life. In our organic pre-initial milk it is the main source of carbohydrates.

Why is palm oil contained in milk formula?

Löwenzahn Organics infant formula is available with palm oil, but also without palm oil. Our organic baby formula based on goat's milk and organic baby formula made from whole milk are without palm oil, as the important palmitic acid is naturally present in abundance. We use organic and RSPO-certified palm oil for our cow's milk-based milk - and we do so consciously.

Our goal is to provide babies with the best possible nutrient composition for age-appropriate development with our milk formulas. We use palm oil in our infant formula based on cow's milk due to the ideal composition of fatty acids, especially the high content of palmitic acid, which is also contained in breast milk. Unfortunately, other sources of fat contain significantly less palmitic acid. Palm oil is therefore beneficial for the healthy development of your baby. Why is it still criticized? When the oil is processed, there is a risk that 3-MCPD fatty acid and glycidyl esters are formed. These are suspected of being carcinogenic. We therefore have every single batch of our milk formula tested by both the production company and an independent laboratory for, among other things, 3-MCPD and glycidyl esters. Through a careful selection of raw materials, we found not only organic but also RSPO-certified palm oil, which we use in our milk formula. We discussed the topic in detail in our magazine: “When palm oil makes sense and when it doesn’t”.

Which infant formulas do not contain palm oil?

Our organic infant formula based on goat's milk and baby formula made from whole milk do not contain palm oil. The palmitic acid contained in palm oil is naturally abundant in whole goat's milk and whole cow's milk. Palmitic acid is an important component of the fatty acid spectrum in milk foods, as it also makes up a large proportion of the saturated fatty acids in breast milk.

You can read about when palm oil makes sense in baby milk and when it doesn't in our magazine.

Is baby formula vegan or vegetarian?

No. Our infant formula is non-vegetarian due to the use of animal rennet for the production of individual ingredients.

Is baby formula halal?

Yes, Löwenzahn Organics cow and goat milk formula is halal certified. 2024 Halal Certificate (PDF)

Why are there different information about the amount to drink for cow's and goat's milk?

The information on the packaging is only a guideline. In fact, needs vary from child to child. Both statements are therefore correct. At this point, parents decide how many bottle meals their child needs in addition to complementary foods (depending on age, number of complementary foods per day, etc.).

Is goat's milk suitable for people with cow's milk allergies?

No. Baby milk based on goat milk is not a milk food for allergy sufferers (not HA food). However, it is easier to digest and well tolerated.

What do I have to consider when switching milk formula?

It is possible to switch from one milk formula to the next immediately. This also applies to the change from our baby milk based on cow's milk to our baby milk based on goat's milk as well as for our baby milk made from skimmed milk powder to our baby milk made from whole milk powder. All of our infant milk formulas comply with EU regulations and are tailored to the needs of babies, so they provide sufficient nutrients.

Can I feed pre milk and follow-on milk at the same time?

Yes, you can, for example, feed pre milk during the day and follow milk 6+ or 10+ in the evening before going to bed. The only important thing is that you don't mix both types of milk powder.

Why is there no discount on pre-initial milk?

For legal reasons, we are unfortunately not allowed to offer discounts or free samples of our Bio Pre infant milk. This is related to the WHO Code of Protection and Promotion of Breastfeeding . In addition , Article 10 of Regulation (EU) 2016/127 provides for a ban on advertising infant formula. This includes the distribution of samples as well as the distribution of free or discounted products.

Why doesn’t Löwenzahn Organics offer HA food?

At Löwenzahn Organics we attach great importance to organic quality. Unfortunately, it is not possible to produce the broken down whey proteins used in HA foods in organic quality. Bringing a non-organic product onto the market is out of the question for us, which is why we do not have this product in our range.

What is the difference between baby milk made from whole milk and “normal” baby milk?

The baby milk made from whole milk is less processed, has natural milk fats and is palm oil-free. The difference between “normal” baby milk and baby milk made from whole milk is the milk base. While we use skimmed milk as a base for “normal” milk, whole milk is used for milk made from whole milk.

In terms of vitamin and mineral content as well as all other ingredients (DHA, ARA, GOS), the milks do not differ significantly, but we add taurine to the baby milk made from whole milk, for better fat absorption and nucleotides to support the development of the digestive tract. The addition of fiber GOS and FOS in a ratio of 9:1 helps maintain intestinal balance and digestion. In addition, baby milk made from whole milk does not contain palm oil.

Can the Baby Brezza be used to prepare milk formula?

Milk subscription

How does a milk subscription work?

With a milk subscription you always have milk in the house.

Choose between our organic baby formula based on cow's milk or goat's milk. Then choose between pre-initial milk, follow-up milk 6+ or, with our cow's milk-based baby milk, 10+. You can then decide on a delivery frequency: every 3, 4 or 5 weeks, or every 6 weeks for 10+.

To the milk subscription

Where can I manage my subscription?

If you have ordered a subscription, a customer account will automatically be created for you. This is the only way we can know to which address your subscription order should be regularly delivered.

In your customer account you can manage your subscription: postpone the next order, change the delivery frequency, cancel, change your address or even the payment method.

How can I change the delivery rhythm?

You can easily change the delivery rhythm in your customer account. In the menu, select “My subscriptions”, then “Change delivery frequency” and then decide on the new desired delivery frequency: every 3, 4 or 5 weeks, for follow-on milk 10+ also every 6 weeks.

How can I postpone the date of the next subscription order?

You can move the date of the next subscription shipping date forward so that you can get the milk earlier. It is also possible to postpone or skip an order.

Please allow for the shipping time of 1-2 days (within Germany) and shipping only on working days (Mon-Fri).

Visit your customer account to reschedule the shipping date. Select the menu item “Upcoming subscription orders” and change the next shipping date.

Note: It is not possible to move the date to the next day. There must be at least 24 hours between them from the time of the change.

How can I change the payment method?

You can change your chosen payment method in your customer account. From the menu, select “My Subscriptions” and then “Change Payment Method.” Here you can, for example, switch from credit card to PayPal or store another card.

How can I change the type of milk in my subscription?

You can change the milk in your customer account. To do this, select “Subscriptions” in the menu and then “Exchange product”.

How can I update my shipping address?

You can edit the delivery and billing address in your customer account. To do this, select “My subscriptions” in the right menu item and then “Change address”.

Caution: Of course, it may be that your billing address changes and not your delivery address, or vice versa. Therefore, pay attention to which address you want to change.

How can I cancel my milk subscription?

You can cancel your infant formula subscription at any time. In your customer account, visit the menu item “My Subscriptions” and then “Cancel”. Your subscription will remain in “Pending Cancellation” status until the last cycle expires. If you accidentally canceled or changed your mind, you can reactivate it within this period.

Will I get a reminder for my next subscription payment?

Yes. Three days before the next “order date” you will receive an email reminding you of the next debit. You now have the option, for example, to update your address or postpone your next order.


How is Demeter Baby Porridge made?

The grain for our Demeter Baby Porridge is grown in Denmark and partly in Germany under biodynamic conditions. After harvesting, the grains are gently roasted so that they last for a long time and develop a delicious aroma. In addition, some of the starch in the grain is already broken down. After roasting, the grains are finely ground and packed.

Why cook porridge?

Our porridge is as unprocessed as possible and therefore needs to be cooked. The cooking process thermally breaks down the starch in the grain, making it easier for the baby to digest. Since some of the starch was already broken down when the grains were roasted, the baby porridge is ready after just two minutes of cooking.

Is porridge gluten free?

Yes and no. Löwenzahn Organics has a gluten-free porridge, Pure Oats. The other porridge varieties 4-Grain contain gluten.

For the first cereal porridges after the fourth month of life, gluten-free and easily digestible varieties such as oats are best suited. After the sixth month of life, you can start introducing your baby to different types of grains in small quantities. You will quickly notice what they likes and dislikes.

How is the porridge prepared?

On our porridge packs you will find instructions that will guide you through the preparation step by step. Or watch our video on how to prepare it.

You can prepare our porridge either dairy-free, as half-milk/whole milk porridge or with milk formula:

Dairy-free: Put a heaped tablespoon of porridge (approx. 18 g) in a pot with 200 ml of water and mix well with a whisk. Bring to a boil on the stove and cook, stirring, until the porridge thickens (about 2 minutes). Allow to cool to consumption temperature (37 °C) and add a teaspoon of organic oil (e.g. rapeseed oil).

Half-milk porridge: Put a heaped tablespoon of porridge (approx. 18 g) in a pot with 100 ml of water and 100 ml of whole milk* and mix well with a whisk. Bring to a boil on the stove and cook, stirring, until the porridge thickens (about 2 minutes). Allow to cool to consumption temperature (37 °C).

Whole milk porridge: Put a heaped tablespoon of porridge (approx. 18 g) in a pot with 150 ml of milk and mix well with a whisk. Bring to a boil on the stove and cook, stirring, until the porridge thickens (about 2 minutes). Allow to cool to consumption temperature (37 °C).

Milk formula: Put a heaped tablespoon of porridge (approx. 18 g) in a pot with 150 ml of water and mix well with a whisk. Bring to a boil on the stove and cook, stirring, until the porridge thickens (about 2 minutes). Allow to cool to consumption temperature (37 °C) and mix with around 100 ml of ready-made milk formula

* It is of course possible to replace cow's milk with vegan milk substitutes such as rice milk, almond milk or oat milk, provided you have discussed these specific nutritional needs and forms with your doctor or midwife. When buying milk substitute, you should definitely make sure that no sugar, salt or vitamins have been added to the product.

Can porridge be cooked with breast milk?

No. Breast milk should not be heated or even boiled, otherwise important ingredients such as vitamins can be lost. But you can prepare the porridge as half-milk porridge. Boil the porridge with 150 ml of water, let it cool down and then add 100 ml of breast milk.

Bone Broth for Babies

How is bone broth used?

You can use our bone broth for babies to add to hearty porridge meals, vegetable porridge or dishes such as pasta with tomato sauce. Of course, you can also use bone broth as a base for soups or stews. To do this, take the desired amount by the spoonful from the organic bone broth jar and add it to the dish of your choice while it is still heating on the stove.

What is the difference between stock and bone broth?

Stocks are very similar to bone broth. Both can be used as a base for sauces or soups. The difference lies in the cooking time. A stock is usually more concentrated than bone broth. In addition, our organic bone broth was developed specifically for babies and therefore contains no added salt.

How long does bone broth last?

You don't have to be frugal with our organic bone broth for babies. You can store the unheated remainder sealed in the refrigerator and should use it within three days.

Can you freeze bone broth?

Yes, you can freeze bone broth porridge in a suitable container. After thawing, the porridge should be boiled or heated again. We advise you not to freeze bone broth in a jar. We recommend that you decant the contents of the jar. Because the glass can crack due to the expansion of the liquid. The compound (sealing edge in the lid that closes the jar) is also not suitable for this.

Is organic bone broth also vegetarian?

Our Organic Bone Broth for babies is a bone broth specially developed for babies' nutrition, which has been cooked for 18 hours based on beef or chicken bones. In addition, it does not contain any additional salt, but does contain a variety of minerals and collagen and glycine. A vegetarian alternative would be vegetable broth, which does not contain the same nutrients as our organic bone broth .

What settles on the ground?

These are suspended solids that tend to settle on the ground. So if you don't shake the jar, it may be darker at the bottom than at the top. These include proteins or particles of the vegetables used. After production, the broth is passed through a strainer cloth (fine sieve), but is not clarified by adding additional substances (such as gelatin). It is a natural product that has not undergone any additional treatment.

What are the white particles?

These are small fat particles.

Bone broth for moms

What is the difference between Bio Bone Broth for the postpartum period and Bio Bone Broth for babies?

In contrast to bone broth for babies, salt is added to beef broth for moms. The organic bone broth for moms also contains the spices anise, caraway, coriander seeds and juniper berries.

Why organic bone broth for the postpartum period?

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most stressful events the human body can go through. Our organic beef broth can help you speed up wound healing, meet increased nutrient needs after birth, stimulate milk production and improve your digestion and intestinal health.

How to use bone broth for moms?

You can heat the organic bone broth and drink it as a broth or use it as a base for a soup or stew.

Can I drink organic bone broth during pregnancy?

Yes, our broth for moms made from beef bones is also suitable for pregnant women. It gives you strength and can help you meet higher nutrient needs.

Is the organic bone broth for moms vegan?

No, the organic bone broth for the postpartum period is a beef bone broth and an animal product. It is gently cooked for 18 hours so that the collagen can be released from the bones of the organic pasture-raised cattle.

Is there sugar in the broth for the postpartum period?

No. We have completely avoided adding sugar.

How long does Organic Bone Broth last for the postpartum period?

Our beef broth for moms has a shelf life of 24 months from production. After opening, the remainder should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 3 days.

Energy snacks for moms

Are Bio Energy Balls also suitable for pregnant women?

The Organic Energy Balls are not suitable for consumption during pregnancy as there is evidence that fenugreek (found in the Date-Apricot variety) can stimulate labor.

Are the Bio Energy Balls vegan?

Yes. Our Bio Energy Balls are vegan.

Does the Bio Energy Balls contain sugar?

No. We have completely avoided adding sugar. It contains natural fruit sweetening from dates and figs.

How many grams of yeast and fenugreek are in the energy snacks?

The Energy Bites Raspberry Cocoa Nibs and Spirulina Orange contain 2 g of fenugreek and 2 g of nutritional yeast per nursing bar.
A bag of Energy Balls Peanut Sea Salt and Spirulina Orange each have 1.5g nutritional yeast. Energy Balls Spirulina Orange also contain 1 g of fenugreek.

gift card

What is a gift voucher?

Our gift vouchers are a one-time generated code.

This can be transferred to one person and is tied to the email address used to make the first purchase.

The gift voucher can only be redeemed in our Löwenzahn Organics online shop (except to purchase another voucher) and free delivery is not included. Our usual guidelines for shipping costs apply.

Where can I buy a gift voucher?

You can easily buy a gift voucher in our Löwenzahn Organics online shop.

The voucher will be sent to you by email after purchase. You will receive an order confirmation with your individual voucher code. You can copy and forward this or print it out as a PDF document.

How do I redeem a gift voucher?

To redeem, click on your gift card to copy the code. All you need to do now is insert it into the voucher field in your shopping cart or at checkout.

Did you receive your gift voucher as an email or printed out on paper? In our Löwenzahn Organics online shop you can put your desired products (except: gift vouchers) in your shopping cart and enter the code into the voucher field either in the shopping cart or at checkout.

If your order has already been processed, the voucher cannot be added later.

Is the gift voucher transferable?

With the gift voucher, you as the buyer will receive an email with the individual code. You can either forward this email directly to another person, or you can print out the voucher as a PDF document and give it as a gift to a person of your choice.

The credit, including remaining credit, is tied to the email address with which the voucher is redeemed for the first time.

How long is the gift voucher valid?

Your gift voucher is valid for three years from the date of purchase. You don't have to use up your credit in one fell swoop.

The remaining credit will be saved to the same email address for the next purchase. Simply use your individual voucher code again.

Neither the entire amount of the voucher nor the remaining balance can be transferred back or paid out in cash.

Can I combine the gift voucher with other vouchers or can I use it to buy a voucher?

The gift voucher can only be redeemed for our Löwenzahn Organics online shop, except for the purchase of a new voucher.

Furthermore, the use of other discount codes is excluded when purchasing a gift voucher.

If you redeem your gift voucher, you can combine it with other discount cod.

How do I check how much credit I have left?

In the order confirmation you can see how much credit is left on your gift voucher.

You can also check your balance in your customer account. In your customer account, select “Coupons” in the menu to view your remaining balance.

If you have ordered a gift voucher as a guest, you can create a customer account in just a few steps using the email address used for the purchase and then check the remaining balance.

Quality and transparency

Why transparency code for baby food?

Our transparency code is a unique tool in the baby food sector. So that you can understand the origin of our ingredients and our production methods, you will find a tracking code on every packaging. If you enter this on our website, you can see the origin of your products. Discover our transparency code.

How good is Löwenzahn Organics baby food?

Löwenzahn Organics sells very high quality products. Our products are among the best in the organic category. All products are absolutely safe and fully suitable for babies and small children. Our products are tested multiple times throughout production, and the raw materials are also checked in laboratories before they are used for our products. We use a double, close-meshed network of controls. We therefore regularly commission external, certified laboratories that are among the best in Germany. They also examine our baby food carefully and very carefully

How do mineral oil residues get into baby food?

MOSH and MOAH are saturated or aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons that belong to the category of mineral oil residues.

Mineral oils can get into baby food or food in general through contaminated raw materials, during the production process, for example through machines or through packaging. These cannot be avoided without exception when producing food. Unfortunately, they are present everywhere in the environment.

For us, MOSH and MOAH are undesirable in our products. MOAH has never been detected in our products and is considered by experts and regulators to be the most critical mineral oil component. At MOSH we are not yet as far along as we want. For this reason, we have developed an immediate program with which we want to ensure a further reduction of MOSH - as well as a permanent avoidance of MOAH - in our infant and toddler food.

Where are our products produced?

All of our products are made in Europe: organic milk food in Austria, Demeter Porridge in Denmark and the Organic Bone Broth and Organic Energy Balls in Germany.

Who is involved in the development of our products?

Our organic products are developed by our in-house product development team in collaboration with experts in baby food and organic products. Current scientific findings from nutritional science for infant formula are used as a basis.

What does the best before date mean on our products?

At Löwenzahn Organics we are committed to sustainability and transparency. The best-before date shows the minimum shelf life of food without any loss of quality. As a rule, most foods can still be eaten after the specified date. That's why we use our goods for so long. We have a guarantee from our manufacturer that our organic baby milk based on cow's milk will last for 20 months unopened if stored correctly.

We are aware that some manufacturers already dispose of goods with a short best before date. That's not an option for us. We want to treat resources and nature with respect. If you order larger quantities in stock, we will of course make sure that you get products that have a longer best before date.

Shipping and delivery times

How much is the shipping?

Within Germany the shipping costs are €5. We ship free of charge for orders over €20. Deliveries of starter packages and orders of 4 packs or more of porridge are also free of charge.

Overview table for payment and shipping worldwide: Payment and shipping

How long are the delivery times?

In most cases, delivery with DHL only takes 1-2 days.

It may happen that your delivery will not be delivered until a day later. Orders placed after 2 p.m. will not be packaged and shipped until the following working day.

Please note that there may be delays due to restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Overview table for payment and shipping worldwide: Payment and shipping

Which shipping service provider do you work with?

We ship most of our orders within Germany with the logistics company DHL .

Attention: We ship to Canada and Mexico with UPS .

Further information: Payment and shipping

Shipping to UK

Unfortunately, shipping to Great Britain (United Kingdom) is not possible for customs and tax reasons.

Returns and Exchanges

How can I return my order or individual products?

If you are sure that you want to return your order, you can easily register your return in our returns portal and receive a return label for your package. This means you can return the package free of charge from any DHL shop or post office.We accept returns of unused and undamaged items in accordance with our return policy.

I received a damaged or incorrect product. What can I do?

Please send a message with your full name and order number to our customer service team at hello@loewenzahnorganics.com.

Can I exchange my order?

Unfortunately, an exchange is not possible. However, you can return the order to us. We would ask you to place a new order for the product you wish to receive.

How do I receive my refund?

As soon as we receive your return, we will arrange for your payment to be reversed to the payment method known to us.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

In general, at Löwenzahn Organics you always have the option of returning originally packaged baby milk within 14 days and getting your money back.
We now offer our customers an additional money-back guarantee so that our baby milk can be tasted without obligation. This is how it works: You order the organic baby milk of your choice, try it and if you are not satisfied, contact our customer service at hello@loewenzahnorganics.com. You can request your money back within 14 days and we will transfer the credit to you within 5 working days.


Where can I buy Löwenzahn Organics products?

In our online shop you will find all of our products that we ship worldwide.

If you are in Germany and need baby food immediately, you can find selected Löwenzahn Organics products in stores. Our organic products are available in over 1,500 dm, 2,200 Rossman, 570 Müller and almost 200 Budni branches throughout Germany.

Click here for the branch finder .

Can I buy Löwenzahn Organics from dm?

Yes! You can find our Organic First Infant Formula and our Bone Broths for Babies in over 680 dm stores across Germany.

Click here for the branch finder .

Can I buy Löwenzahn Organics from Müller?

Yes, our organic products are available in over 570 Müller branches across Germany.

Click here for the branch finder .

Can I buy Löwenzahn Organics at Budni?

Yes, our organic products are available in almost 200 Budni branches across Germany.

Click here for the branch finder .

What is the status of my order?

We process orders within 24 hours Monday to Thursday. Immediately afterwards we will hand over your order to DHL. Within Germany, DHL needs one to two working days with standard shipping; for all other EU countries, shipping takes up to seven working days.

If you have any questions, please contact our parent service hello@loewenzahnorganics.com

How can I cancel my order?

Write us a short email with your order number (LWZXXXXX) to hello@loewenzahnorganics.com. If your order is not yet on its way to you, we can cancel it immediately and refund your money.

Where can I redeem my voucher code?

You can enter your voucher code at checkout. The first step is to go to your shopping cart. This shows you your product selection. At the checkout or at the latest after choosing your preferred payment method, you will be asked for a voucher code. Your shopping cart total will be updated automatically.

What payment options are there?

The following payment options are currently available to you:
– PayPal
– Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
- Klarna
- Apple Pay
– Bank transfer (for Germany)

Danger! If you choose a classic bank transfer, your order will only be shipped once the amount for your order has been credited to our account. This means that orders using the bank transfer payment method may take a little longer.

My customer account

I have forgotten my password.

That's no problem at all. Click on the “Forgot password” link under the login form and enter your account email address. Shortly afterwards you will receive an email that you can use to create a new password.

Please note: If you don't find an email from us in your inbox, take a look at your spam or advertising inbox. To prevent our emails from ending up in the wrong inbox in the future, add us as a contact in your email account.