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Organic mama & infant nutrition for the first 1,000 days

1,000 days: from conception to second birthday

Did you know that baby's brain reaches 75% of its full size by their second birthday? What a baby and their mother eats during pregnancy and breastfeeding has a big impact on child development.

No pesticides or chemicals ever.

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No pesticides
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Transparent supply chains
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No genetic engineering
Animal welfare
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No fish oil

For Mums

Because babies need empowered mothers

Organic infant formula

Without fish oil

Baby's first foods

Ohne Zucker und anderen Schnick-Schnack

Our organic products are available from

Wholefood nutrition in the first 1,000 days

Our focus is on nutrient-dense food for mothers and babies in the first 1,000 days. We work together with nutritionists, manufacturers and independent laboratories to develop organic and Demeter-certified infant formulas, first foods and nutrition support for mums that have high bioavailability. Parents can absolutely rely on quality and safety with us.



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What other parents say

A great and, in my opinion, best alternative to or after breastfeeding. My son tolerates the Löwenzahn Organics infant formula very well. The delivery is also always fast. Gladly again and again!

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- Daria M., Attendorn

It's organic, sustainable and fair and also easy to digest for my little mouse. Because she came too early and was still very weak, we had to feed her with prenutrition after each breastfeeding and the prenutrition from Löwenzahn Organics was just perfect and helped build her up.

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- Lisa S., Bremen

Best milk, I have used it for all 3 of our children and it is super tolerated and the ingredients are also top! I can only recommend it to everyone!

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- Celine S., Bochum

My son tolerates the food very well and has regular bowel movements. Better than with the original HA food. I find it very positive that there is no fish oil. The food does not foam up like other formulas.

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- Stephanie D., Sankt Englmar

The Pre milk [first infant formula] has saved us! After constant tummy aches and belching, we finally have an infant formula that works! I can recommend it to everyone with a clear conscience! Super ingredients, no fish oil, smells pleasant and best of all, it doesn't foam a bit! Even shaking the bottle doesn't cause foaming. Thumbs up for such a great product.

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- Kimberly F., Plettenberg

I bought the Löwenzahn Organics first infant formula on the recommendation of a friend because our son was suffering from severe digestive problems and had severe stomach pains. Since he started drinking this milk, everything has improved. (...) What I particularly liked was the introductory package, which I chose myself. I will definitely recommend the milk and am very grateful for this great product.

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- Christina G., Dingelstädt

We have ordered the infant formula countless times now :-) It is very well tolerated, smells good and you simply have a very good feeling! The powder dissolves in seconds and does not foam like other infant formulas.

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- Marleen A., Heidelberg

This porridge is really delicious, you can tell that it hasn't been processed that much and the taste of the oats is super preserved. It is also nice and coarse, and thick in its consistency, if you reduce the specified liquid a little. Above all, it doesn't have the strange consistency of instant porridge, which looks like sawdust mixed with liquid and also has a really strange consistency in the mouth. (In principle, I taste everything that the Mini gets).

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- Sandra K., Leipzig
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Select a set of organic infant formula, baby foods and/or mum products for your stage in the 1000 day journey as a starter pack and save on shipping costs in the EU.

Money-back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with our organic baby food or mum products, we will refund the purchase price in full.

15 % discount on follow-on infant formula by subscription

Receive 15% discount when you order a flexible subscription with our follow-on infant formulas in our skim milk and goat milk range.

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There are no taboo topics with us. Only plain language.

Our magazine about baby nutrition, parenting and the postpartum period. To the taboo-free zone

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Organic baby food from the start

Baby foods are specially formulated foods designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of babies. There are different types of baby food, including infant formula such as first stage infant formula and follow-on formula, and complementary foods such as baby porridge or pureed fruit and vegetables.

However, not all baby food is the same. Organic baby food is especially important for babies and toddlers, as they are in a sensitive growth phase and their organs are not yet able to fully break down harmful substances such as pesticides.

Löwenzahn Organics has consciously decided against producing pureed fruit and vegetables from jars or plastic drink bags. This is because pureed fruit and vegetables lack fibre, secondary plant compounds and vitamins. In addition, the sugar content of pureed fruit is extremely high. This does not correspond to our understanding of the best possible organic baby food in the first 1,000 days.

More on the topic: Babies don't need sugar.

From when, which baby food?

When to start first infant formula?

Löwenzahn Organics Organic First Infant Formula is optimally adapted to the needs of babies after birth.When to start follow-on milk?Löwenzahn Organics has organic follow-on milks for babies after 6, 10 and 12 months. Sometimes there is misunderstanding about the expression "after" and "from". After the 6th month means that the baby has completed the 6th month of life and is already 7 months old. The expression "after" is prescribed by law for milk formula. This regulation does not apply to baby food.

When to start baby food?

Löwenzahn Organics Demeter Baby Porridge Pure Oat is gluten-free and suitable for babies from 5 months of age. Babies do not tolerate cereals containing gluten until they are 7 months old. Therefore, we have adapted baby porridge from the 7th month to the needs of older babies.

When to start bone broth for babies?

Bone broth is wonderful for complementary feeding but also for family meals.

Löwenzahn Organics Organic Bone Broth for Babies is salt-free and suitable for babies from 8 months of age. Ideal for vegetable-potato mash, base for soups and sauces or pasta dishes.