Changing baby milk – how, when, why?


Changing baby milk – how, when, why?

If you are thinking about changing baby food for your baby, it is a very well-considered decision. Because we don't need to tell you that you only want the best for your baby. There are so many different types of baby formula on the market - "pre" initial milk, follow-on milk 1, follow-on milk 2 or follow-on milk 3, Toddler's milk and also milk formula based on cow's or goat's milk made from skimmed milk or whole milk that you can choose between.

When do you switch from pre milk to 2 or 6+ or 10+? Or what do you do if your baby doesn't tolerate the current baby milk well or a better baby milk formula has appeared on the baby milk market?

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The amount of milk consumed can vary greatly from baby to baby: Some children want to be breastfed or fed every hour, others five larger meals a day are enough.

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