Baby Poop – unfortunately not always mustard yellow and creamy

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Baby Poop – unfortunately not always mustard yellow and creamy

Hand on heart, your baby's stool is a topic that concerns you every day: consistency, color, frequency and also the smell. Do you still remember baby's first diaper contents? Have you ever wondered what the hell that is in that diaper and how far it can actually fly? No matter how many books, blogs and conversations you have had with friends, ideas and experiences are not the same and the diaper contents are different from baby to baby.

Nevertheless, plain language, dear parents – that’s what we prefer to do at Löwenzahn Organics anyway. We're talking about common color shades, including green, and the general composition of baby's stool, which changes greatly with months of life and diet.

We are very pleased that the ÖKO-TEST results for May/2019 have confirmed the high standards that we ourselves set for our products.
"No stress, no hectic eating. Because in babies, the brain develops in parallel with the intestinal brain".

Giulia Enders. Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ

"The use of BPA-free plastic products could be just as harmful to human health - including the developing brain - as products with BPA"
"Mustard-yellow milk stool despite bottle-feeding? It just depends on the right ingredients."
"We spent a lot of time with bone broth manufacturers and nutritionists. It is a long but important process to bring a new product to the market for the needs of babies and parents."

Liz, Co-Gründerin

"Before the time of our Organic Bone Broth, I used to boil gallons of bone broth over 12 hours - it was quite smelly in the flat. I use bone broth in almost every dish that comes to the table in my home."

Alice, Co-founder

Milk formula in best organic quality for your baby

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